The British start-up attracted 339 million dollars of investments

Hey guys, breaking news!The British telecommunications start-up Truphone attracted 255 million pounds ($ 339 million). This is reported by TechCrunch. It is noted that investors were investment companies Vollin Holdings and Minden, which belongs to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Continue reading


How to Become a Programmer?

Secrets on how to become a programmer from scratch yourself, we’ll try to disclose in this article. Consider how to start and how to become a programmer yourself from virtually zero.

First, decide on what kind of programmer you want to become, what exactly you want to program. Programming is now applied in all directions related to the computer and the Internet.
All sites that you visit are written using programming. Continue reading

Wholesale A to Z VoIP termination: Market Overview

telecommunication-bannerIn today’s article, I’m going to cover rather an unusual topic for IT community. My choice of topic is connected with the demand for the software development services exclusively for  the Telecommunication industry, that has risen several times for the last several years. There are hundreds of projects of development various systems, for wholesale VoIP termination (visit this website, billing systems, CRM systems and so on, to assist this industry and automate it. So, in this situation, I consider it is appropriate to learn more about this industry.  Continue reading

Guidelines to Utilize OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner

bluedriver2-840x560Automobiles will require a checkup and repair at some point or another reliably. Today, checking your vehicle for issues is not as troublesome as it used to be. With an OBD II Sensor, choosing the issue of your vehicles transforms into a basic task. Locally accessible engine diagnostics or an OBD is a development that got presented with autos in the 1970s; however not until the 1990s did auto makers join the change to vehicles. An auto-diagnostic scanner is at present a vital piece of auto repair. Continue reading

Cross Platform Custom Software Development

msuite_diagram_002Currently, it is very popular at the enterprises that there are applications accessed through Web browsers – it is a Web application. For its development, there are different technologies, Java Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Perl language, PHP, and others.

In Russia, many developers who use and create applications to maintain PL / SQL and SQL language, and wishing implement and maintain at the enterprise, so for these people it will be very useful to listen to this course. Continue reading

Web development concepts in the course of software development process

HTMLToday, everyone knows what the Internet and web page; These concepts have become part of everyday life. Web pages, or as they are called, electronic documents associated with each other, become carriers of information at the World Wide Web. The basis of all posted on the Internet, helping electronic documents has become a language of hypertext markup HTML.

Many people called HTML as the programming language. But this is not correct because in the traditional sense of HTML is the lan-com structural markup of electronic documents that tells the viewer of the HTML-pages (the browser), how to represent the information described in the document. Continue reading