Cross Platform Custom Software Development

msuite_diagram_002Currently, it is very popular at the enterprises that there are applications accessed through Web browsers – it is a Web application. For its development, there are different technologies, Java Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Perl language, PHP, and others.

In Russia, many developers who use and create applications to maintain PL / SQL and SQL language, and wishing implement and maintain at the enterprise, so for these people it will be very useful to listen to this course.

By the way, this course may also be useful to those who are not familiar with PL / SQL but can create simple SQL queries. The fact is that to create a Web application development environment we will use the product of Oracle the company – Application Express.

The name speaks volumes – fast development. Another interesting fact it that this environment is free, open source. Application development tool Application Express does not require serious skills in programming at the same time created an application is located in the database itself, which greatly facilitates its support. SQL and PL / SQL, developers who created their applications before c using the Oracle Forms, Reports, do not learn other languages, and immediately begin to develop Web applications, supporting tens, hundreds or even thousands of users.