Wholesale A to Z VoIP termination: Market Overview

telecommunication-bannerIn today’s article, I’m going to cover rather an unusual topic for IT community. My choice of topic is connected with the demand for the software development services exclusively for  the Telecommunication industry, that has risen several times for the last several years. There are hundreds of projects of development various systems, for wholesale VoIP termination (visit this website https://portal.voiplatinum.com/), billing systems, CRM systems and so on, to assist this industry and automate it. So, in this situation, I consider it is appropriate to learn more about this industry. 


I should start with the VoIP Business at South Africa. As this region is considered to be the largest and the most favorable for telecom. Based on the proposals on the specialized VoIP forums, the demand for call termination services in Liberia is quite high. The transit companies are offering significant amounts of wholesale VoIP termination traffic – with the average amount of 12-25 thousand minutes. The average value of VoIP conversation minutes of in this destination is approximately $ 0.28.

Liberia –is the poorest country in West Africa and across the continent, it takes 3rd place according to the level of poverty. This is largely due to the civil war, which lasted from 1999 to 2003. The unemployment rate is 85%, which is one of the highest rates in the world. This led to the emigration of local residents to other African countries. Due to the fact that migrants are massively making calls to home, the amount of international traffic in Liberia increases.

In Liberia, the owing of the SIM-boxes for termination is illegal. However, the experts of the cellular services market note that there are no special equipment and technological systems that could effectively identify such equipment, as in the other countries. In this case, the regulatory body of Liberia in the telecommunications industry – Liberian Telecommunications Authority, as well as the organization of International Gateway Management System are very concerned about the traffic termination in the state recently.

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Of course, while doing the VoIP business you should pay attention to the protection against antifraud systems that mobile operators are constantly improving.

As of July 2016, Liberia has a population of about 4.3 million people. Of these, 3.6 million are GSM communication users. For every 100 inhabitants 87 subscribers of mobile operators. According to the parameter of mobile penetration in the country, Liberia 136 takes place in the world.

In total there are 4 GSM operators:

  • Lonestar Cell MTN (1.3 million users);
  • Orange (Cellcom) – 1 million users;
  • Novafone – 0.3 million;
  • Libtelco – 0.05 million.

Standard rates for local calls by prepaid packages are around $ 0.15 per minute. But you can find better offers from operators – such as the ability to call in the country at $ 0.0011 per minute.

Terminating 5 hours a day with a single 8-port device, you will be able to earn 6.5 thousand dollars a month in Liberia. Good luck!