CRM-System Advertisement by Bulk SMS Marketing

The purposes of using bulk SMS for the CRM-system:

The customer relationship management system can not do without communication with the customers, but only one call can be enough. – bulk text messages may help keep in touch with their clients when there is no time for “live” calls.

Bulk SMS marketing tasks for CRM-system:

  • Information on the status of orders,
  • An increase in turnover,
  • Monitoring of timely payment,
  • Increase customer loyalty.

Solving following tasks:

  • Send information about the order status. Example: “John, your order #02071 is in processing.”
  • Subscription to updates in a particular category. Example: “Dear client, we have new Indian teas at the warehouse, see the list available on our website».
  • Reminder for payment. Example: “Vladimir, subscription period expires, do not forget to pay the next “
  • Happy Birthday. Example: “Leonid, a company FLORA congratulates you on your birthday and wish success in business.”


Bulk SMS service gives great opportunities when it is connected to the CRM-system!

The result of using an SMS service in connection with the CRM system:

Consider launching your CRM system with the SMS service if your company is engaged in the development of CRM systems, or any other customer relationship management application. A significant advantage from bulk SMS service one may have if CRM-system works with an online store. All managers’ tasks such as customer database, both incoming and outgoing calls, inventory control, etc. are implemented in CRM system. In this system, you can also include the automatic customer notifications about the status of an order by phone using bulk SMS service. Such messages will be sent to all of your clients. Also, the ability to send notifications to customers with the brand signature is cool and gives more color to the company image in the eyes of customers.