Short History of the HTML Custom Software Development for Mobile Devices

The history of human society shows that every century is characterized by fundamental inventions and, fundamentally changes the life of each human century. For example, the nineteenth century gave humanity an automatic means of production and a fundamentally new transport means: locomotives, ships, cars, and airplanes, and in the end XX century is hard to imagine a man without computers, printers and mobile phone.

These “laws” of the humanity development in the economic terms can be expressed as follows: each hundred years the humanity creates a fundamentally new technology, knowledge that significantly increases the productivity of social labor.

And if in the nineteenth century the main ways of increasing productivity of the social production have focused on the automation of manual labor, i. e. the creation of automated GOVERNMENTAL means of production, for the end of the twentieth century is characterized by the development of

technologies that automate the intellectual component of the social production. Today, we can’t name an area in production and business, where compositions do not used information technology.

None of the modern enterprise system can live without the collection and processing. The larger the enterprise, its production stages, the more complicated and more diverse range of manufactured products, or services offered, therefore the needs in the automated collection, processing and storage of information is larger.

Portable devices collect the information and the means of its transmission can help solve many problems: starting with the analysis of the composition of the extracted oil up to the display snapshot warehouse and store.

Search for information on paper can borrow from the minutes to several days, depending on when the information has been collected, and electronic data retrieval is performed via the seconds.

Global Automated Information System Internet have its own newspapers, its societies, shops, libraries and place of communication, the Internet conference held very different personal level, from meeting friends to an online conferencing.

Information Systems Development Tendency

Internet connects people, the Internet reduces distances. Creating the web presence of the firms provides looking out to be possible with its huge audience and helps find business partners. A trade through the Internet! Today, the without leaving home, you can buy a book, a CD with music or pizza. Currently successfully used automated.

Information systems for the collection, processing and intelligent analysis in the production management system including in the management system. These systems implementation includes environmental monitoring around nuclear power, power plant, around the clock seven days a week and serve man in banks.

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